Logistically, D&G makes sense.

At D&G, we have the people, equipment, facilities and processes in place to manage and adjust to ever-changing shipping and climate-controlled warehousing demands. Your customers demand flexibility and responsiveness. So your expectations for your logistics partner should be the same. Let us free you from the capital investment or associated risks and liabilities of managing logistics on your own.

Delivering peace of mind daily.

Amid evolving supply chain issues, D&G is here to ease your load. We exist for one simple reason—to deliver your product on time and on budget. Handling everything from warehousing and order picking to delivery and paperwork, we take care of logistics so you can focus on your business.

We consistently get the right shipment to the right location, because we know your business depends on it. In addition, our claims ratio is among the lowest in the industry.

A reputation for dependable, reliable service is how D&G differentiates itself from other carriers. Our warehousing specialists pick, palletize and stage orders, scrutinizing every detail to ensure product always gets where it needs to be—on time and on budget. And by providing you one point of contact, we eliminate confusion and maximize efficiencies.

We’re nimble and agile, storing and shipping your raw and unfinished goods exactly as you need, regardless of twists and turns along the way. Whether you need truckload (TL) or less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments and short-term or long-term storage. Bring product to our warehouse on your own trailer or on D&G Trailers that have been dropped at a shipper’s facility. We work how you need to work.

It’s been part of our mantra from day one—keep drivers, equipment and product running smoothly at all times. Everything about our facilities is designed for efficiency and D&G fleet of trucks are well maintained, fully insured and drivers have an average of 17 years of experience behind the wheel. In fact, D&G received a “Superior” rating and achievement certification from AIB—the highest rating available.

Rates for TL are based on dollars/miles according to PC Miler software, while LTL rates are a function of mileage, weight and required trailer space.

We make inventory management fast and convenient. Access and manage your inventory status online via our secure Web portal and allocate product to fill orders.

If it’s not on the shelf, it’s not in the cart.

At the end of the day, all the research, advertising, promotion, pricing and planning you do doesn’t mean a thing if your product isn’t there when customers need it and consumers walk down the aisle. Trust D&G to fill those critical steps from warehousing to transportation and delivery.