Four climate zones for any storage need: heated, ambient, cooler and freezer.

Heated / Ambient

Over 20,000 square feet of D&G warehousing is dedicated to heated/ambient storage. Packaging ingredients and various raw materials can be transferred to your dock and trailers, then reloaded with finished goods according to production schedules.


D&G’s refrigerated facilities give you assurance that your product is handled and maintained in the proper environment. 60,000 square feet is maintained between 34°F and 36°F for cross docking as well as long-term storage.


The 30,000-square-feet freezer is held at 0°F. Giant rooftop condensors ensure adequate air flow throughout the freezer. These “penthouse” units are driven by ammonia running through two rotary screw compressors. Rest assured product leaving this area will be frozen solid.