Staunchly Independent.
Fully Insured. Uniquely qualified.

D&G’s 80-truck fleet is entirely comprised of owner-operators; entrepreneurs dedicated to their profession. For our customers, it is the assurance that product is transported with equipment that is in excellent condition and by professional, business-oriented drivers. Unlike fleet drivers—who are paid regardless of performance or outcome—our owner-operators take personal responsibility for everything they carry. D&G insures the load, and our drivers ensure it gets there.

Low driver turnover.

We value relationships. With a driver turnover rate far below industry average, many owner operators consider D&G their home away from home. Don’t be surprised when you walk in our facilities and are greeted with a handshake and a sincere “Thank you”.

The foodservice shipping specialists.

Most D&G customers are involved with production and distribution in the foodservice industry. That’s why the majority of product we handle requires some type of refrigeration. All D&G trucks are equipped with a bulkhead for optimal temperature control, including mixed temperature shipments.

D&G professionals carefully segregate frozen from refrigerated loads.
D&G professionals carefully segregate frozen from refrigerated loads.
Frozen and refrigerated product may be kept at optimal temperatures while in transit with fitted, insulating wraps.

Experience, training and maintenance.

D&G drivers consistently achieve the highest rating thanks to ongoing training. We perform background checks on all drivers, ensure they are health-certified and have all current licensing before they leave our warehouse. On average, our drivers have 17 years of experience behind the wheel. Their modern trucks not only receive regular maintenance but are continually inspected. If you’ve seen our fleet, you can’t help but to admire the pride our drivers take in the care of their equipment.

Trailer security.

All trailers are equipped with load locks to help secure freight and minimize damage. D&G maintains a log of every security tag and ensures a proper paper trail should a dispute arise.