"Honestly, you and your drivers are head and shoulders above the rest of the freight companies I deal with. It’s a nice change and greatly appreciated."



"D&G has consistently serviced our accounts with the reliability I have come to expect from our core group of motor carriers."


"My contacts at D&G are very professional, courteous, helpful and attentive to all of our needs."



"D&G consistently performs in a manner that provides a high level of reliable quality service."



"Their people are accessible, honest, flexible and easy to work with. They provide a high level of communication to shipper and customer alike."



"To me the service with D&G has been outstanding and that helps me sleep better at night."


"D&G Transportation, Inc. has been an essential business partner with our company for almost 10 years, handling all LTL shipments west of the Mississippi.  Most recently, they were asked to haul all of our LTL nationwide and we couldn't be happier with their excellent service!  We tender them the freight and they do their thing, which ultimately makes my job easier!"