Local Transfer / Shuttle
When product needs to be moved between facilities, consider D&G shuttle services. We can coordinate regular pick-up and deliveries, including drop-and-hook trailer services. We pick up and deliver at your door. You load and unload at your convenience. Concentrate on what you do best, and leave the driver, vehicle maintenance and logistics to us.


Trailer Domicile / Local Deliveries
Customers storing with D&G can domicile their trailers for loading over night. Drivers arriving the next day for local deliveries will find their truck and trailer loaded and ready to go.

Order Picking / Labeling/ Packaging
If you need it done, D&G will do it. We have all the tools and resources necessary to operate as your full-service warehousing partner. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Pallet Dawg
We use Pallet Dawg impact-absorbing devices on our lift trucks. Pallet Dawg minimizes damage to pallets and product, saving time and money while improving safety at every step of the shipping process. Learn more at www.palletdawg.com