Driven to succeed?
We’ll be a perfect fit.

If you love to truck, aren’t afraid of hard work and want to be treated honestly and fairly, you’ll find a home at D&G. D&G is interested in meeting owner-operators committed to superior service and building on our record for providing on-time, temperature-sensitive transportation services for some of the most successful companies in the food industry. An elite team of internal professionals helps you accomplish this goal, mile after mile. Contact Sue Murphy in Driver Relations to learn more.


D&G requires drivers to have superior communication skills internally with dispatch, clerical and the warehouse team. With customers, communication is critical when it comes to handling BOLs and OS&Ds, consignees, unloading agents and security personnel. All of this ensures an easy to follow paper trail whenever questions arise.


Settlements are processed three weeks from the receipt of paperwork. Funds are automatically deposited into your account.

Percentage Paid

Outbound loads
80% of the gross
100% fuel surcharge
80% detention
100% authorized loading/unloading (with receipt)

Inbound loads
87% of the gross
100% fuel surcharge
80% detention
100% authorized loading/unloading (with receipt)

Fuel Advances

Comdata Fuel Cards are used for advances, and deducted when the settlement is paid. Advances are limited according to region travelled. With the Comdata card, discounts are offered at many fueling locations.


Many drivers run similar routes each week, convenient for scheduling family time away from the truck. Communication between dispatch, drivers and customers drives our relationships. Likewise, information exchange is very important in our efforts to improve our process and service.

Benefits Enjoyed by our Owner-Operators

  • An open door policy
  • A rider program
  • Company accuracy and service programs
  • President Safe Drivers Club recognition
  • Tire program (purchase tires at a reduced price)
  • Cargo Insurance provided by D&G Transportation

For information about becoming a proud member of our team complete the appropriate application:

Send the completed application to Sue Murphy: