Our professionals plan meticulously to ensure success at every stage.

We understand business isn’t always a straight shot, and you need a partner that’s flexible to twists and turns along the way. Our team of dispatchers, warehouse specialists and owner operators work as one, taking responsibility for key decisions and doing everything possible to keep things running smoothly. With proactive processes, we take ownership together and always act in your best interest.

We take ownership of everything and are accountable for physical and information flows. People are D&G’s greatest asset, and to be successful, an LTL operation must have first-rate professionals at every position. Our process removes the weak links using state-of-the-art tools and resources. Timely and accurate information aligns to achieve a common goal—your success.

Since our Sales/Dispatch team interacts every day with drivers, customers and each other, it is required that they be efficient and personable. Experience is invaluable when it comes to juggling the demands and pressures of trucking. We emphasize honesty in communications because this leads to trust. For any healthy relationship, trust is a necessary ingredient.

Our Checklist

Is Order Ready?
If Not, Why?
Does Rate Change?
Contact Shipper or Customer if Issues

How do you bulkhead a mixed-temperature load differently during the summer vs. winter? How do you load 25 pallets into a 48′ trailer so the driver can unload with a pallet jack? How much weight can be loaded into the front half of a 53′ tandem-axle trailer vs. a 48′ spread? These questions—and more—are some of the challenges our warehouse team is involved with every day. All the planning that occurs along the supply chain is for naught if an order is mishandled. Our motivated warehouse professionals make it happen.

Our Checklist

Products Labeled?
BOLS? Temp?
Do Orders Match?
Appointment Issues?

D&G’s conscientious, courteous owner-operators are elite professionals-entrepreneurs who take personal responsibility for what they carry. They know damage claims or shortages directly affect them, quickly turning profit into a liability. D&G customers can rest assured that their product is transported in well-maintained equipment by professionals who care.

Our Checklist

Truck on Time?
Unloading Fee?
Product Issues? OS&D?
Truck Detained?
Miscellaneous Information from Drivers?

Our dispatch, warehouse and owner-operator members are fortunate to be supported by our courteous and knowledgable office staff. They work hard to prepare each order for billing, catalogue maintenance information, record and follow through with over/short/damaged product issues, claims and returns, process driver settlements and much, much more. It is a challenge in such a fast-paced industry to keep up with changing regulations and compliance issues. Our office staff rises to the occasion every day, all day long.

Our Checklist

Rate Adjustments
Payments Terms/Collections
Miscellaneous Credit

Reduce transit time and material handling costs with cross-docking.

Smart shippers need not make multiple deliveries with less than full loads. Cross-docking at D&G means efficiency and cost savings. With D&G at the hub of the operation, your partial load becomes part of a full load. You share the cost of delivery rather than incur it all. D&G dispatchers coordinate everything—perfectly.

Shippers send truckloads to D&G rather than making wasteful partial load shipments direct to consignees.

D&G warehouse professionals unload, cross-dock, prep shipments, and reload pallets for delivery.

Consignees deal with one truckload, one set of paperwork, and one point of contact if questions arise.

Consignees deal with one truckload, one set of paperwork, and one point of contact if questions arise.

Preparing your shipment for LTL or warehousing at D&G.

Best practice packaging and loading is critical to damage-free delivery. Balanced pallets, sturdy cardboard boxes or containers, and shrink-wrapping ensures loads will not shift during transport. This protects your freight, other freight on the same truck, and helps avoid loss or inadvertent separation during transport.

D&G recommends labeling each pallet of freight. Misloading is minimized when the consignee name, city and state information is provided on each pallet. These are not requirements for shipping with D&G, but help us maintain our 99.95% accuracy metric.